About The Yellow Umbrella Organization

Christine Baze is a Cervical Cancer survivor. This is what she has to say:

It started with pop music and pap smears, so I called it PopSmear. The first concert was held in 2002, and Popsmear.org became a non-profit in 2004. My goal was to get people talking about something no one wanted to talk about. Cervical health. So I sang about it, and brought others along to help. I called the series of concerts across the country The Yellow Umbrella Tour, named after one of my songs I wrote after having cancer.

It's all about jumping into life and living it while you can. So I did just that. And I talked about the fact that cervical cancer is PREVENTABLE. I talked about the tools - the liquid pap and the HPV test, and the importance of advocating for yourself, being educated, and having a conversation with your doctor.

And NOW, there's even more to talk about. There is another tool in the fight against cervical cancer - a VACCINE against HPV. So I just keep talking. In clubs, on planes, at expos and on capitol hill. I talk to anyone who will listen. It's gone beyond pop music and pap smears. It's about working together - with ALL the tools - under the SAME UMBRELLA - to help eliminate cervical cancer.

The mission of The Yellow Umbrella.Org is to decrease both the peresonal and systemic burden of cervical cancer around the world, by educating and empowering decision-makers, including patients, about prevention, advocacy and working together.

Executive Director: Christine Baze

Board Members:
Amy Connor
Susan Garfield
Kevin Maguire
Traci Tournoux
Barb Van Dine

The Giving.TheYellowUmbrella.info domain has been created for anyone wishing to make a donation to The Yellow Umbrella organiztion.